The Shadows of Vansea

Persus' Log, Day 2

I followed the footprints rather easily into the woods today. The strange drag marks must have belonged to spiders, because when I reached where the footprints led, there were a dozen or so dead spiders outside, some smashed in with a flail, and others appearing as if their life force simply fled their bodies. The tracks continued into a cave mouth, so my curiosity left me no choice but to follow them.

As I entered the cave and was greeted by the stench of death and decay. Hoping that some horrible fate did not befall the adventurers, I went further in, precariously working my way down a long slope with dead spiders all about. The bottom of the slope opened up into a large chamber, and the skittering of spiders all about confirmed to me that I was indeed not the only living thing left in this cave. The skittering came from my right, so that is the way my curiosity led me. I carefully walked along, trying not to step in or into any webs that were about. Suddenly, motion within a web wrapping caught my attention, and my attempts at caution were ended.

I burst across what could best be described as a hallway of stone with two large, bloated spiders at one end and stone at the other. As I was crossing, a loud thud sounded behind me, and I took a moment to see a large, barbed appendage or spittle like thing sticking in the wall before I continued to the web wrappings. Three more spiders were around this one, smaller than the ones I had encountered before but still easily as big as a large dog.

I called deeply to the power within me and unleashed a bolt of lightning at the edge of the wrap, hoping to free the inhabitant without damaging him, and sent a spark out of one of the smallest spiders, burning the life out of him. A human wearing chainmail fell out of the webs, and a large staff fell out behind him. He was bloodied but breathing, and quickly joined me in the fight. The odds were looking better, two of us against two spiders, and I decided to move further out in the open after narrowly avoiding a spider bite. I unleashed another bolt of lightning, and the other human said a quick prayer and two bolts of lightning came from his staff as well, and then another spider was bleeding profusely. That didn’t stop it from latching on to my new companion, and biting him viciously. ... to be continued



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