The Shadows of Vansea

In the town of Sundhiem...

Day 1 – Garson and Dirk both attempt to figure out methods in which they can enter the manor and both men find themselves at the out of the way Prancing Pony Inn. Dirk discovers where in the manor his mark sleeps by divulging the information from the intoxicated manor cook, Thomas. Garson overhears this conversation and, being suspicious and opportunistic, confronts Dirk and ask what his plan is for breaking into the manor. Dirk, annoyed and confused at the accusation, quickly breaks away from the half elf, but not before revealing his true heritage in an attempt to intimidate him. Garson, annoyed but not deterred by the mysterious dark elf’s method, decides to assume the identity of Thomas through clever use of a disguise and the not so subtle application of elderitch energy to the cook’s forehead, knocking him out cold.

Garson, now disguised as the worn and tired Thomas, makes his way to the servants entrance of the manor, easily fooling the guards at the wall and gaining access to the complex. Dirk on the other hand makes a far more covert entrance by grappling over the wall, mindful of the many sentries, and hastily picks the lock to the rear door.

Now inside the manor, Garson quickly asserts the first floor rooms are reserved for the help and he makes his way upstairs. Having found what he believes to be the guest rooms, Garson begins checking each one for its occupants intent on finding the eladrin mage, Arcum. In order to dodge patrolling sentries who would certainly question the “cooks” authority to be on this level, Garson ducks into and hides in an empty guest room until the guard has finished his rounds. After finding the only guest room which is locked, and therefor occupied, Garson knocks and meets the eccentric high elf.

Dirk takes a very similar path through the castle, knowing full well that his marks room lies on the third floor. Hoping to place himself in a position of safety within enemy territory, the cunning assassin sneaks past the guards without a sound and finds refuge in an unlocked and unused guest room, across the hall from Arcums. After rigging the lock, Dirk makes himself as relaxed as he can allow himself to be and he falls into an alert trance.

Meanwhile, across the hall, Garson and Arcum speak about the excavation site, the seal, and the worth each holds for the other and an alliance of circumstance is formed. By stealing the magical seal Arcum will gain its powers as well as the key to a sanctuary of the ancient Illumitis society, a group which focused upon the knowledge and application of magic. Garson likewise needs the seal, and Arcum, to retrieve an artifact of elderitch power for himself from the Illumitis sanctuary and he alone knows where it is at. They agree to meet back up tomorrow and use the formal event being held by the lord as a distraction to swipe the seal. Garson leaves the room and instead of taking the chance of being discovered down in the servants quarters, Garson leaves the manor for his room at the Prancing Pony. As Garson makes his way through the streets to the inn he decides that the unconscious cook Thomas would be a detriment to his plans if he awakens from his stupor. Garson kills the man and leaves the grisly remains in a pile of rubbish behind the inn before settling down to a comfortable sleep.

Day 2 – Rahles, Paladin of Avandra, makes his way on horseback to the settlement of Sundhiem, planning to represent his faith at Lord Kelzers formal party. As he makes his way to the gates of the manor where other guests have started to congregate, Rahles notices the crowd of cold faced townsfolk watching on the proceedings. At the gate, and after his horse is tended to by a stable worker, Rahles meets an old friend in Vulroom, high priest of Erathis. They speak on the manners and methods of high classed events as well as on the names of the gathered guests.

Garson, waking early to disguise himself as the now deceased cook, makes his way to the manor intent on meeting Arcum. As he makes his way through the busy halls, however, Garson is called out by one of the many supervisors watching the manor staff run to and fro and is ordered to return to the kitchen and prepare for the ball. Not wanting to drop his disguise, Garson complies and walks to the kitchen. In order to escape to the second floor, Garson feigns work by carrying foodstuffs about the halls and when he feels the moment is right, he flees up the steps and quickly knocks on Arcums door.

Across the hall, Dirk hears the knocking and he hears the noise of the workers downstairs. He sits patiently waiting for the din of the party to overtake the manor so he may slip upstairs without any opposition. A similar plan forms in Arcums room as he and Garson concoct the heist of the court wizards room in hopes of finding the magical seal.

Outside, as the guests are being slowly brought in, Rahles and Vulroom continue their conversation until a young man of regal stature standing atop a small podium beside the gate calls for everyone’s attention. He exclaims that he is Marcus, the son of Lord Kelzer, and that he wishes to welcome everyone to the event. Marcus then personally greets guests coming into the manor until a older, weeping peasant woman approaches him from the crowd. She cries for the release of her son, and pleads for the lords mercy, which Marcus quickly rebukes. The woman is left crying, alone in the street, until Rahles approaches her with his sympathy and his helping hand. This act inspires the other townsfolk, who were at first timid to approach the woman, to offer their aid. In the privacy of a local mans shop the woman explains her woes to Rahles who promises to help save her son, Jimeal. Returning to a worried Vulroom in line, Rahles contends with Marcus’ disdainful glare.

Inside the manor Rahles gives up his hefty full blade in exchange for a more gentlemanly longsword and is introduced as the relatively modest “Rahles Thaneborn, Disciple of Avandra” to the gathered guests who fail to take notice of his entrance. While the band performs a number of high classed pieces, Rahles forces himself to make conversation with certain guests when he notices Marcus and approaches him. During their conversation, in which Rahles remarks on the status of the Jimeal, Marcus takes the young paladins remarks as prodding and unfashionable and instructs him to keep his nose out of other peoples business before he excuses himself to speak with other guests. Shortly after the call for dinner is sounded and Rahles quickly finds his seat.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Dirk decides the time for action is at hand and he quietly leaves the safety of his room. Using his prestigious skills, and aided by his otherworldly powers, Dirk slips into a safe hiding spot behind a statue where he can easily tell the coming and goings of the guards who block his way onward. Shortly after Arcum, followed by Garson, leave the room to confront the two guards defending the entrance to the hallway where the court wizards room is located, deciding that deceiving the guards may yield better results. Garson hides behind the corner, just paces away from the hiding dark elf, and he prepares to rush to the aid of the eladrin if violence becomes necessary. Arcum attempts to bluff his way past the door but the guards inform him that the court wizards room is locked to all but he himself and that they will gladly retrieve him later if needed. Arcum realizes that talking will not let them through the door and he gives the signal for Garson to attack. An arcane jolt and an elderitch blast later, two guards crumple to the stone floor, a ring of keys clattering at their sides.

Downstairs, at dinner, Rahles takes part in a heated debate on the necessity and implementation of an organized army in Gynara and the surrounding area. When asked his opinion, Rahles remarks that all suggestions thus far have neglected to include the rights, voice, and opinion of the common people of the land. Overhearing this, Marcus approaches the table with his own opinion, that a small privileged few has the right to oversee the lives of all those under them and that only through direct subservience can order be restored. Rahles rebuts with his previous opinion, that the freedom of the people to choose will bring about order, whereupon Marcus exclaims that this idea is typical of a poor, simpleton who belongs to a church of vagrants. Marcus then continues to dangle the life of the young son, Jimeal, in front of Rahles in an attempt to provoke him. Rahles, having seen enough, decides to return to the foyer and reclaim his rightful blade. He then sneaks away from the party and attempts to investigate the rest of the manor.

Arcum and Garson, having defeated the two sentries guarding the door, proceed to use the fallen keys and unlock the hallway to the manor living quarters. As Arcum enters the hall Garson hangs back, ready to spring into action at the slightest hint of a battle. Three guards in the hall, two guarding the doors to the outdoor walkway and one standing in entrance to a balcony, look up at Arcums appearance. The nearest guard asks why Arcum is here without an escort and where the guards from outside the hallway, all the while steadily approaching the eladrin, gripping his halberd. As Arcum fails to give a sufficient answer he draws the full suspicion and ire of the all three guards and they begin to approach him. Arcum decides that a quick and silent fight is the best option as he prepares to unleash an arcane spell at his nearest foe.

As Arcum’s static shock forces the guard to involuntarily shudder, Garson appears around the corner and calls down a cold, eerie light upon his foes face, damaging him further. The guard, angry and unaware of the peril he is in, takes a menacing step forward to bring his halberd down on the half elf only for the eerie light to intensify, throwing the man down to ground in silent death throes. The other guards, alarmed at the sudden attack, heft their polearms skyward and charge, a call to battle issuing from their lips. Their heavy strikes thunder against the stone and another volley of spells drops a guard and causes the remaining one to flee, a cry of “intruders” echoing through the manor. Garson ends the guards flight with a well aimed blast of dark energy. All the while, Dirk creeps along the wall, intent on the battle to keep any wary eyes off of him.

Arcum, afraid that the loud battle will bring more guards to investigate, quickly finds the room belonging to the court wizard and begins picking the lock and disarming its trap. Meanwhile, Garsons keen eyes notice a figure hiding on the balcony and recognizing him as the drow elf from the tavern he begins to question his purpose for being here. Before Dirk can give a meaningful answer however Arcum gets the door to the wizards room open and he calls for everyone to come inside in order to evade any conflict with the guards that can be heard coming from either direction. The moment the door to the wizards room slams shut the door to walkway leading to the ball room opens and Rahles enters the hall, as do a number of guards from the stair well.

The guards, noticing their fallen comrades on the floor, order Rahles to stop and attempt to tackle him. Inside the wizards room Arcum and Garson see three possible chests which could contain the seal and they both go to work trying to unlock and disarm them. Outside, Rahles forces the guards off of him and in a burst of divine and martial power he swings the flat of his now drawn blade in a large arc, dropping a number of his assailants. Again inside, Arcum diligently unlocks and disarms his chest to find nothing but old cloaks and robes within and Garson, growing increasingly impatient with the situation, attempts to force a chest open. An earsplitting explosion goes off and Garson is sent flying back, burnt and as annoyed as ever. Dirk on the other hand, growing tired of the pairs futile antics, draws forth his blade and enters the hall way in an attempt to use the distraction as a means to get to his marks room and in a show of shadowy power, he lashes out at a guard attempting to flank Rahles.

With more guards heading down the opposite end of the corridor, and the remaining guards to holding strong, Dirk and Rahles attempt to flee up the staircase and into the large hall leading to the lordships rooms.

Garson also tries to hinder the guards arrival by tying an end of rope to the door knob, and the other end to the stone balcony branching off of the room. Arcum likewise finishes opening his chest only to again be disappointed by useless clutter. A loud banging noise against the door foretells the arrival of the guards in the room as they attempt to force in the now tied off door. Arcum and Garson, willing to give up on their search for now, decide to prepare themselves for climbing down the rope hanging off the balcony. Garson, the first of the pair to climb down, just barely reaches the grass before the door shatters open and the room fills with the armed and dangerous guards. Not willing to face the guards in combat upon this precarious balcony, Arcum calls upon his arcane powers and he teleports across the grass onto the still precarious wall some thirty feat from the manor. He then begins to attach a grappling hook to the wall in an effort to hoist Garson up. The guards, now alone on the balcony, begin climbing down the rope themselves and firing bolts at the fleeing eladrin. Garson takes aim at the nearest guard with his elderitch blast and drops him before he flees to wall and the rope that Arcum throws down to him. With both men over the wall they flee into the woods in attempt to hide for the moment.

Back inside the manor, Dirk runs to the nearest door at the end of the long hall, hoping that it is the door to the sons room and not the fathers. Rahles, slower in his heavy armor, also flees down the long hallway after Dirk. The guards also follow slowly behind, shouting for the pair to halt, and taking aim with their crossbows. At the end of the hall, Dirk quickly unhinges the lock to the door and barges in, triggering the flame trap that he was unable to detect. However, calls from the guards indicate that the lavishly decorated room belongs to the father and Dirk runs out and cuts the corner to the only door left on the floor.

Rahles, using most of his divine healing magic to keep him running, sees his only chance for escape in the lords room; a fragile doorway leading to balcony. Whispering a prayer to Avandra, Rahles charges as quickly as he can and barrels through the flimsy door, glass cutting into his exposed skin, and leaps off the balcony aiming for the wall twenty feet below and thirty feet out. Through some miracle the young paladin crashes into the wall to only minor injuries and he hastily pulls himself up and over the stone barricade. Rahles then flees into the night until exhaustion overtakes him the next day.

Dirk, now out of sight of the guards and at his marks room, quickly picks the lock to the door and barges in despite knowing the traps location. The flame singes the edges of his clothing as he avoids the brunt of the trap, and he proceeds to shut the door, rigging the lock back into place. The assassin then opens the door to the balcony and places his grappling hook on the rail as a ruse to full anyone into believing he escaped. The patient drow then drapes the curtains about himself and waits for his chance to strike.

Having ran for some time, Garson feels that the path to the Prancing Pony may be clear. The half elf removes his disguise and makes his way back into the town. Draping himself in his cloak, Arcum follows, wary to avoid any probing eyes in the night. When Garson finally gets to the inn he enters to find several guards harshly questioning the barkeep as to the details surrounding a body they found behind his establishment. The guards then turn on Garson as he walks in, asking about the cooks body and if he saw anything strange while he was staying here. Garson truthfully exclaims that the cook was speaking to a shady individual who later revealed himself to be a dark elf. The guards, excited to hear the confirmation that a dark elf was in town, leave the inn without further incident. Garson, grinning to himself, lays down to a good nights rest. Outside, Arcum sees the guards leave and he makes certain to not draw any attention to himself. He then enters the inn and asks for a room, careful not to reveal his heritage to the barkeep. However, the haggard and distracted man fails to take notice of his guest and gives up a room without question.

As the sun slowly rises outside, Dirk is finally rewarded with the sound of someone attempting to unlock the door. The figure outside however notices the quick and shoddy rigged lock and Dirk hears the sound of a sword being drawn. The door then flies open as the man, Marcus, walks into his dark room. He quickly takes notice of the spent traps, and the open balcony door, as well as the taut rope and grappling hook hanging from the railing. Still suspicious, the wary noble begins to take a look around his room for any other signs of disturbance. However, the moment Marcus turns his back to the balcony, Dirk steps out from the shadows, his full blade drawn. In a flurry of action Dirk lets loose a barrage of shadow infused strikes, bringing the once proud noble to his knees, begging for mercy. Dirk shows no mercy as his final strike lands, cleanly beheading the man. His dark deed done, Dirk leaves a small note near the body and flees out the window and down the rope.

Persus' Log, Day 2

I followed the footprints rather easily into the woods today. The strange drag marks must have belonged to spiders, because when I reached where the footprints led, there were a dozen or so dead spiders outside, some smashed in with a flail, and others appearing as if their life force simply fled their bodies. The tracks continued into a cave mouth, so my curiosity left me no choice but to follow them.

As I entered the cave and was greeted by the stench of death and decay. Hoping that some horrible fate did not befall the adventurers, I went further in, precariously working my way down a long slope with dead spiders all about. The bottom of the slope opened up into a large chamber, and the skittering of spiders all about confirmed to me that I was indeed not the only living thing left in this cave. The skittering came from my right, so that is the way my curiosity led me. I carefully walked along, trying not to step in or into any webs that were about. Suddenly, motion within a web wrapping caught my attention, and my attempts at caution were ended.

I burst across what could best be described as a hallway of stone with two large, bloated spiders at one end and stone at the other. As I was crossing, a loud thud sounded behind me, and I took a moment to see a large, barbed appendage or spittle like thing sticking in the wall before I continued to the web wrappings. Three more spiders were around this one, smaller than the ones I had encountered before but still easily as big as a large dog.

I called deeply to the power within me and unleashed a bolt of lightning at the edge of the wrap, hoping to free the inhabitant without damaging him, and sent a spark out of one of the smallest spiders, burning the life out of him. A human wearing chainmail fell out of the webs, and a large staff fell out behind him. He was bloodied but breathing, and quickly joined me in the fight. The odds were looking better, two of us against two spiders, and I decided to move further out in the open after narrowly avoiding a spider bite. I unleashed another bolt of lightning, and the other human said a quick prayer and two bolts of lightning came from his staff as well, and then another spider was bleeding profusely. That didn’t stop it from latching on to my new companion, and biting him viciously. ... to be continued

Persus' Log, Entry 1

I heard some rumors in town about an adventuring party that went to investigate a farmstead about a day’s time out of town that had been gone for longer than expected. I took it upon myself to investigate the matter. The trip to the farm took up most of my time today, even on horseback. At least the weather held up, as it was quite nice out.

The barn was damaged on one side, and there were drag marks and footprints leading deeper into the woods, but perhaps it would be better if I waited until tomorrow to investigate them.

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