Races of Vansea

While the humans were the dominant member of the kingdom, the other races felt the rise and fall of Vansea just as keenly.

The dwarves, who were always a powerful force in Vansea, refused to choose sides during the Shattering and decided a mass exodus to their traditional homelands was in their best interest. As such many of their old citadels lie abandoned and lost to the ravages of time.

Elves were a longtime ally of Vansea since its inception. Their hatred of the Goblins of Nexus and the wealth of the humans made the union beneficial to both parties. However, the Second War of Broken Shields caused the destruction of their ancestral homeland in the forest of Kellistar and ever since the elves have integrated with the Vanseans. Tensions between the humans and elves have reached a high point in recent years.

The eladrin city of Mathysaer appears in the Vansea region at intervals determined by its ruling council yet it only appears in the evening. Eladrin youths oftentimes exile themselves for a few decades in order to travel the world and hone their skills. They are quick to come to elven aid yet their randomness infuriates many humans.

Dragonborn and Tiefling travelers are rarely seen in the remnants of the Vansean Kingdom unless they are associated with a certain guild or organization. And even then they are quite uncommon. Halflings have always been a part of Vansean society yet they don’t bother themselves with the politics of the land very often.

Races of Vansea

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